Dad’s leaving again.

I’m lovin’ the weather today. It’s so cold. So yea, dad’s leaving again tomorrow for work. 3 months na naman namin sya hindi makakasama. 3 months na naman syang mawawala. Oh well, that was unexpected. Dapat kasi August pa aalis si daddy, Don’t even  know kung bakit nabago schedule nya.

And since then, everytime he leaves I always cry. It was harder for me when I was still young. I can’t help but cry almost all day. I don’t understand why he needs to leave. Now I’m older, even though I already understand why he needs to leave again (its because of my college thing) I still cry. But the difference is I kept all to myself. I don’t want him to know I’m crying.

I’m closer to my dad than to my mom. He’s the joker in our family. He’ll always make me laugh. And I can share almost everything to him. 

Again he’ll leave. My mom, my siblings, and I are stuck together for at least 3 months.

I’m going to miss him. 😦

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