Farewell to you my friend. ☹

Mixed emotions. You will always be remembered Princess deary. ♥

Will attend mass later with dad. Then funeral mass for Princess Diana Casinsinan Baltao. May you rest in peace sweetie. I will miss her, seriously. ☹ 

I still can’t believe she’s gone. Unexpected. She’s only 19. 😥

People met by chances, but always with a reason. Some stayed a while and some takes so long. We may not had the chance to have known you your entire life and completely, but pretty sure with a short span of time your happy memories will always be remembered clearly. ♥

Thank you for everything, and being a great part of our lives. We thank you for your kindness, we will keep you in our hearts. We pray that wherever you are you will still watch over us and be proud of us all. Because with us we may not be together and will never be, but we will always be proud to have you and your life will forever be something special to look back and recall. ♥

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