Auntie’s farewell party.

We had a family affair last Friday. Bautista side of the family. Because that day is the last day of Auntie Edith and her daughter, my cousin Norielle. They need to go back to Chicago as soon as possible. Because auntie is working there. And cousin needs to go back to school. She’s only 10 and pretty and cute. :’> So I have to post some of our pictures last friday night. 

Pictures was taken at our granny’s home sweet blue house. Lmao. 

Family bonding and get together. Auntie Edith’s despedida. (farewell party)

We’re not complete in this picture. 

Macaroni spaghetti made by Auntie Mary Ann.
Grandma’s home sweet home.

My cousin, Norielle Elexis.

They’re just goofin’ around.

Family is the best thing I ever had. My feeling is so blooming lately. To be together with my family is giving me bunch of spirit that I never had before. I fell enchanted in happiness. I am loved, much loved. There are people that loves me and show me love unconditionally. Nothing can fulfill my heart like this. 

So I thank God, for everything. For giving me happiness in my life. For giving me chance to be my self without any pressure. For giving me moment to love my family. Thank you God. Never been happy like this for a long long time. It’s such a relieve.

Life sometimes so dull and too empty to be lonely.

When you feel it, you should be back to your family.

Because no one ever understand you well, except them. 

No one love you much without any judgement, except them.

No one will tell you that you are bad.  No one will tell you that you are not precious.

You are precious in their life.

They does not regret any part of you.

They accept you at all.

They are your family.

So call it “stupidity” to let my self far away from my family.

I never let something steal it away.

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