Heavy rain.

I was lying on my bed, listening to Louis Tomlinson’s Cover of Look After you then suddenly it rained! It was a cloudy tuesday evening. As I lay there, slouched, I felt the pleasant smell of the rain. If only it rained, I had been wondering this for so many weeks now. I felt the gentle petrichor again, that blissful smell of earth when it quench its thirst. A thought crossed my mind: Was it raining in my dreams? 

Our garden really is suffering, the long established plants are fine but all the new plants are gasping, we’re on a very heavy clay over granite so when the sun bakes the soil it sets like concrete and your plants end up looking like survivors from a plane crash in a desert, you can almost imagine them seeing mirages as they seek out a few precious drops of water! 

I just sat there when I felt the petrichor, this time it felt real, stronger. I looked out of the open window in my room, and saw some raindrops falling against the dark windows of the neighboring building.

I only smiled to express my delight. It is when a strong whiff of petrichor hit me again that I suddenly got up from my bed, walked out of my room and in the terrace. I spread my palms out to feel the water drops and welcome the rain. Finally it rained! After almost a few months of dryness, the grounds have finally tasted rain!

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