Early birthday gift.

Boyf surprised me with an early birthday present yesterday when I went to his crib. Gosh! My birthday is on July 22nd. And I know it’s too early for giving me birthday presents. But it’s okay with me, haha. So he bought me a guess tank top and a cute short shorts with colorful leopard print on it. It’s an early birthday present for me. So imagine my surprise when I got presents earlier this week from him. Ha! So sweet of my boyfriend. He wants to spoil me, and buy me this, and buy me that. But I feel like I can’t return the favor so I don’t want him to give me things. -_-

I love the combination of colors. Colorful leopard print. 

He bought me this gorgeous blue leopard print tank top from Guess.

He surprised me with this tank top and leopard print shorts as one of the gifts he bought for me. 🙂

Cute little girl gets an early birthday present and her reaction is priceless. ☺ Thank you for this baby! I love you so much and miss you already. 

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