Happy birthday Demi!

Demetria Devonne Lovato, thank you for your inspiring songs that always made me lift my head when everything seemed to have way more. That make me want to sing for the whole world to hear. That encourage me when I’m discouraged and that make me proud of you. Thanks for everything. I love you.
She deserves the most amazing day! Her strength really is an inspiration to teenagers all around the world. She is an inspiration to me. ❤
Your strength really is an inspiration to teenagers all around the world.
She taught me to stay strong. She is amazing, pretty, and an awesome person. I can’t believe Demi is 20. Like she is an actual woman now. Seems like it was only yesterday that she was playing Mitchie in Camp Rock.
Thank you for being my inspiration and an amazing role model. Thanks for teaching me that I need to stay strong and for telling me that when I fall I need to rise from the ground like a skyscraper. No matter what happens I will always be by your side, supporting you. I´m so proud of you girl and I will always love you. 
Demi, honestly, you are one of the biggest inspirations this world will ever know. People make all of these false assumptions about you because of your past, but they don’t realize that you’re one of the strongest people because of it. I’ve never looked up to any female star like I look up to you, and I know I’m not the only one. You’re literally perfect in every way, and no one will ever understand how much you mean to me. I love you Demi! ❤

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