Such an awesome day spent with my boyfriend! The day was great. Watched A Secret Affair on the big screen. We didn’t much enjoy the movie, seriously. I don’t know. Haha. But I really love the lines from the movie. Then we had dinner at Mcdonald’s. Here are some of the food we ordered. We loooveee food! Oh yummy.
I love ice cream and fries. Ha!
We walked around for a bit before going home, baby bought me my all time favorite brownies unlimited! Yaaayyy.
Thanks to boyfriend  for making this day extra special. I’m such a happy kiddo! ☺ Today was such a great weekend. I am just so grateful for this day, it makes all the bad ones worth it.
I will make a movie review for A Secret Affair, maybe tomorrow. For now, I need to get some beauty rest or else I’ll look like a wreck! Haha. Off to dreamland lovelies! x

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