Christmas 2012.

One of our family traditions is celebrating Christmas. As a small kid I used to spend Christmas at my grandmother’s house. I still spend Christmas in the same place every year, at my grandma’s house with aunt, uncle and cousins.

Christmas sweaters, Christmas movies, Christmas songs, Christmas cookies, Christmas trees, Christmas, Christmas, Christmas. ❄

Sister // me
Cousin // Cloe
Mama // Grandma
Christ The King Parish Church at Greenmeadows.
Baclaran Church.
Went to World Trade Bazaar last December 22.
Cousin Oliver // Sister
Cousin and me at Tiende.
Thank you, auntie. ♡
Christmas 2012 // sisters ♡
I want 2013 to be special, romantic, exciting, happy, fun, adventurous, spontaneous, amazing and life changing. I want 2013 to be my year and I want to finally become successful so I can say this is how I made it. ❤
Merry Christmas, lovelies. Enjoy the holidays. ♥

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