I’m Snow White and I feed on apples that kill me. I’m Ariel out on the Mediterranean sea. I’m Pocahontas, as free as thee and Princess Jasmine on that royal family tree. I’m Belle whose standout is inner beauty and Mulan, brave and selfless of whom does her duty. I’m Rapunzel whose hair is lengthy, and Aurora whose fate was unlucky. I’m Minnie Mouse finding her Mickey and Cinderella who proved to be plucky. I’m a fairytale that starts with petty then grows into a sudden confetti. I am a mix and clash of Disney characters so silly, it’s almost synonyms with infinity.

Hello lovely, my name’s Faye. A 21 year old blogger from Southeast Asia. I have love for vintage, floral, coffee, photography and blogging. I’d love to go to France, visit the Italian countryside, or getting lost at the busiest roads of London. I want to go to my dream place, Paris and fall in love at a coffee shop. I would love to travel to all kind of different places around the world. I’m in love with flowers. I’m also in love with blue skies and cloudy days too. I am quite a cheerful person but you might not want to make me unhappy. I wish for a man who loves me as much as I love him or maybe loves me more than I do.

I’m just a typical girl living in her own wonderland. Hates what everyone loves, and loves what everyone hates. I have this attitude problem that you might not want to see. So BEWARE of me darlings. I’d rather sit with a few friends than a whole group of friends. And rather stay at home than going out. I try to avoid going out anymore, mainly because my town is so small. Everytime I go out I see someone I don’t like. Or I go out and I hear about the next day from people who I really don’t care about. Small towns suck. So I would rather just stay at home. I like to spend time by myself. I don’t have to pretend to be enjoying myself. I know this may make me sound boring but who cares. I’m a good girl that does bad things. I don’t have friends so internet accompanies me all the time. I just wish for a pleasant life in the future, and I’m more than satisfied.


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