I miss running my fingers through your hair, I miss having those little fights about who was the coolest, I miss playfighting with you and yelling aw before you had even touched me, I miss the little sneaky touches we shared when we came around each other, I miss the little smile you gave me […]

Dad’s birthday.

Daddy celebrated his birthday last June 14. Para sa Superman ng buhay ko, sa taong naging shield ko sa lahat, sa lalaking kahit kailan hindi ako sinaktan at pinaiyak, yung naniwala na I can do great things. Yung lalaking unang nagmahal at nagpahalaga sakin. My hero and the best man for me, Happy Birthday, to […]

Your willing victim. ❤

Bah, sorry for the lack of updates. My life is on a roller coaster right now. I’m in so much pain but I can still manage to smile. So lately, Ive been feeling down and depressed. I’ve had depression my whole life, but usually I can fight it off. I don’t like this feeling. I keep trying […]

Mama’s birthday celebration.

Last April 8, 2013 our family went to the newly built Ace Hotel and Water Spa branch in Pasig City to celebrate mama’s (grandma) birthday. I had a blast! I enjoyed every facility, from the hydrotherapy spa areas to the hot and cold herbal pools, steam room, sauna room and the lap pool. It was a […]

I’ll take you all at once.

I think, maybe, I fell inlove with your patterns and inconsistencies. Like the way you moan on your way to sleep. And the way your heart beats. I want to be your heartbeat just to be that much closer to you, living there inside your chest, making a home under your flesh. And waking up […]