I miss running my fingers through your hair, I miss having those little fights about who was the coolest, I miss playfighting with you and yelling aw before you had even touched me, I miss the little sneaky touches we shared when we came around each other, I miss the little smile you gave me everytime we shared eyecontact, I miss the cute things you would whisper in my ear so only you and me could hear, I miss the naughty things you did to me, I miss the days you used to give me your sweater, I miss the smell of your bed had after we spend hours of cuddling on there, I miss your sweet goodmorning and goodnight texts, I miss you asking about your clothes if I liked them, I miss you sharing your snacks with me even tho you were really hungry, I miss your suprising from behind cuddles and kisses, I miss your hand on my knee, I miss catching each other staring at the other one, I miss your little jokes, I miss your hand searching on mine, I miss you hearing your voice, I miss talking to you, I miss how all of this used to make my day.. ~


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