Passion for writing.

I felt like expressing myself. I still have a passion for writing. I just couldn’t stop typing. Im a simple yet complicated pinay girl. I speak my mind which sometimes gets me in a shit load of trouble. Weird and moody. I have a major problem with my mood swings. Im laughing one minute then […]

Craving for inexpensive alternative to Nutella.

Lately I’ve been craving for the taste of hazelnut chocolate spread. First time I tried hazelnut chocolate spread it was Crumpy Duo. So my mom went grocery shopping last week and bought a bottle of NUSICA HAZELNUT CHOCOLATE. Yay! I love the idea of hazelnut and chocolate. Next time you’re thinking twice about indulging yourself with Nutella, […]

Souvenirs d’enfance.

I just want to share my childhood pictures. Childhood faded away, to a far far away land, simple, so simple were we, days of play, going our way, Having fun, no care, for another day, time for us stood still, playing king of the hill. Childhood faded away thinking of another day, summer time was fine, when friends were kind, swiming holes were filled, our hearts were […]

Saturday night out.

You guys already know my weekend routine. Woke up around 11:00 pm. Still sleepy. I haven’t caught up with the sleep lost during the week yet. Lazy brunch in front of my laptop. Finish my brunch half an hour later but still browsing, sometimes mindlessly. We left home around 3:00 pm in the afternoon. Wow time flew. […]


Hindi ganun kadali ang pagpapatawad lalo kung sobrang nasaktan at nahamak ang buong buhay mo. Sinasabi nga nila na “Diyos nga nagpapatawad, ikaw pa kaya.” Pero ewan. Wala naman yatang ginusto ang mga tao kundi ang maging masaya, pero bakit sa tuwing gugustuhin nilang sumaya eh dun naman sa puntong yun sila kailangan masaktan. CHOICE […]